Landfall (3 stars)


(PG) 85min

This watchable 1949 adaptation of a novel by Nevil Shute casts handsome Michael Denison (Angels One Five) as a cheeky chappy who takes his wartime commission as a coastal command pilot very much more seriously than he does his ladies. Thus, when he sinks what he believes is an enemy U-Boat that later proves to be a British submarine, shame – not fame – is the spur that leads him to volunteer for a perilous follow-up mission. Meanwhile, plucky girlfriend Patricia Plunkett (Mandy) attempts to prove her beloved’s innocence.

Under the direction of veteran Ken Annakin (a former RAF pilot who fought in the Battle of Britain and later received an Oscar nomination for Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines), Landfall swings smoothly from chipper comedy to grim drama. The leads are likeable and the sterling support cast includes Maurice Denham, Laurence Harvey and Joss Ackland. Digitally remastered, without extras.

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