The Silent Invasion (3 stars)

The Silent Invasion

(U) 66min

This British drama made in 1962 and set in an occupied French village during the early years of World War II feels like an episode of a television show – and well it might, given it was written by small screen legend Brian Clemens during his eight-year run on The Avengers. Directed with a distinct lack of cinematic flare by Frenchman Max Varnel (who subsequently relocated to Australia to direct Skippy and Neighbours), it nevertheless benefits from an intriguing scenario in which good German Captain Von Strafen (Eric Flynn) and local beauty Maria (Petra Davies) become pawns in the conflict between the Nazi oppressors and the French resistance even as they fall in love. Certainly, the film suffers in comparison to, say, Henry Georges Clouzot’s occupation masterpiece Le Corbeau, but it’s an interesting little film in its own right. Digitally remastered, no extras.

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