New Police Story (2 stars)

(15) 123min


The fifth instalment of the Police Story series sees Jackie Chan playing an older, less mobile and jagged cop. A gang of hoodlums using hi-tech methods based on a warped computer game are rampaging through Hong Kong, stealing and killing at will. They even take out Detective Chan’s fellow officers in one dramatic sequence, which is packed with great stunts.

When the stunts struggle to hold interest in a Jackie Chan vehicle you know you’re in for a tough time and the Asian superstar struggles when called upon to play a broken man, estranged from his girlfriend and down on his luck. His new partner Frank (Nicholas Tse) is a street smart sidekick in this generic tale, which is a pale shadow of the two Police Story movies, which the lead actor directed himself. It’s a further nail in the reputation of Jackie Chan who has recently been surpassed by both the inventive Stephen Chow and masterful Tony Jaa in the affections of Asia’s cinema going martial art aficionados.

General release from Fri 13 Oct.

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