The Shock Doctrine (4 stars)

The Shock Doctrine

Second adaptation of Naomi Klein’s capitalism analysis

(E) 79min

Not to be confused with Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón’s 2007 short, this second adaptation of Naomi Klein’s chilling book about the evils of modern capitalism is the full-length 2009 documentary co-directed by Michael Winterbottom and Mat Whitecross (who recently made his solo feature debut with the Ian Dury biopic Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll). Klein’s flawless indictment argues that the US Government has executed the extremist theories of American economist Milton Friedman, which essentially take advantage of the trauma of war to empire-build, beginning with Pinochet’s Nixon administration-backed military coup of September 11, 1973, and continuing on into Bush Jr’s post-9/11 shock-and-awe invasion of Iraq. Winterbottom and Whitecross (who previously collaborated on the docu-drama The Road to Guantanamo) illustrate Klein’s case with a provocative mix of interviews – with the charismatic author, Friedman, members of various US administrations and CIA spooks – and archive footage. It makes for riveting viewing, but watch it and weep. No extras.

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