Newsmakers (3 stars)


Siege thriller keeps action and outrage flowing

(18) 105min

Based on Johnnie To’s 2004 Hong Kong action thriller, this Russian remake (from Swedish director Anders Banke) is an admirable effort. As a bunch of ruthless gangsters go on the rampage across the country, Russian law enforcement agencies are propelled into quelling the trouble when one of their cops is caught blubbing on screen. Hitching a ride is the police force’s PR director, a young ambitious woman who attempts to exploit the violence and threats to innocent civilians by morphing the ensuing siege operation into a ratings-busting reality TV show.

Such a set-up could so easily have toppled the story into a cliché-riddled cringe-fest but happily, with some solid performances, decent dialogue and believable characters on both sides of the law, Newsmakers keeps the action pumping and the outrage flowing to the bitter end. Extras include a trailer and some snippets from other gun-crazy DVDs on the Showbox stable.

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