The Meat Grinder (3 stars)

New DVD release about Sweeney Todd-esque noodle shack murderer

From Thailand, this aptly named slice of torture porn follows disturbed Buss as she runs her noodle shack while carving up body parts to use as ingredients in her food.

There’s the requisite hacked limbs, skewered heads, cannibalism and enough backstory to make Meat Grinder well worth seeking out. Tiwa Moeithaisong’s consciously arty direction looks good, but all the camera tricks and copious flashbacks do offer more confusion than depth.
In the lead, Tia Carrere-lookalike Mai Charoenpura is impressive, her trauma and her monstrous vulnerabilities would give Sweeney Todd a run for his money. Extras include a making of documentary and the original Thai trailer.

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