Pornography: A Thriller (2 stars)

Pornography: A Thriller

One porn actor investigates the disappearance of another

What happened to famous gay porn star Mark Anton? Did he end up in a snuff film? Another porn actor intent on turning movie director investigates.

David Kittredge’s film may sell itself as Cronenberg meets Lynch, but the comparisons do him no favours.

There are nods to Lost Highway, Inland Empire and Videodrome, but the scoring of the film and the manner in which the characters explain the plot to each other indicate a filmmaker overly concerned with the tale, no matter its meandering quality. It lacks Lynch’s fascination with obscure atmosphere or Cronenberg’s for elaborate ideas. While undeniably referential and reflexive (there’s even a comment on Joel Schumacher’s abysmal 1999 film about the snuff movie industry 8MM), and with a deliberate filmic style, using long lenses and wide angles effectively enough to create basic tension in the shot, it finally misses the creepiness it seems to search out. Pornography: A Thriller is neither conceptually interesting nor distinctive in form to hold interest. Minimal extras.