David Shrigley's top ten tips

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  • 19 August 2010
David Shrigley's top ten tips

Kevin Eldon
‘My wife and I saw him last week in the Edinburgh Festival. He’s very funny. It’s sort of character-driven comedy, and then he goes off on these weird rants. It gets quite otherworldly, and a bit surreal. It’s very verbose, and full of dense language. I almost want to go see him a second time to fully take in all the little details.’
Kevin Eldon is Titting About, The Stand, Edinburgh, 0131 558 7272, until Mon 30 Aug, 1pm, £7–£8 (£6–£7).

Martin Creed: Works
‘I’m not normally a fan of art books, but this one is really beautiful. It’s a heavy thing, like the bible or something. I like the fact that he’s been a very consistent artist throughout his career. This one’s definitely one for the completionist.’
Martin Creed: Works is published by Thames & Hudson.

Moon Duo: Escape
‘This has been on my turntable at home a lot over the past few weeks. I’m a fan of Wooden Shjips too [guitarist Erik ‘Ripley’ Johnson is one half of Moon Duo, and one quarter of psychedelic San Francisco drone rockers, Wooden Shjips]. But I think this is the best thing of the Wooden Shjips/ Moon Duo canon. I really like that basic, droney sound.’
Moon Duo’s debut LP, Escape is out now on Woodsist.

Chain and The Gang
‘Another thing I’ve bought recently is a 7” single of ‘(I’ve Got) Privilege’ by Chain and The Gang, a really funky track, with ‘Detroit Music’ on the other side. It’s a project by Ian Svenonius, and was recorded by Calvin Johnson. I like the mash-up of all the Detroit styles.’
‘(I’ve Got) Privilege’ is out now on K Records.

‘I hang out here a lot, and I buy a lot of music from them. I like chatting with the staff; some of my views have been pretty contentious. I think Moon Duo, for example, is a lot better than Wooden Shjips. But not everyone there shares that opinion.’
Monorail Music, 12 Kings Court, Glasgow, 0141 552 9458, opening hours Mon-Sat 11am–7pm; Sun noon–7pm.

‘This is a tongue-in-cheek Frankenstein-esque horror, and I just missed it when they were showing it in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago. It stars Adrien Brody, and it’s about splicing DNA to create new animal hybrids. I’m hoping they’ll show it again at the GFT, or maybe I’ll just have to wait until it comes out on DVD.’
Splice, available on DVD on Mon 29 Nov. (Optimum).

Martin Creed
‘I really enjoyed this exhibition. Martin’s work is incredibly rigorous, but also ambling and formless at the same time. I find him really fascinating. It’s like he’s in recovery from a mental breakdown or something. It’s ultra-conceptual, but there’s a real joy in his work too; it’s very positive and cheerful.’
Martin Creed: Down Over Up, The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, 0131 225 2383, until Sun 31 Oct, Mon–Sat 11am–6pm, Sun 12–5pm, free.

‘This is a gig I really fancy, and a lot of my friends have recommended seeing them live. I’ll be in Spain on holiday so I’ll have to miss it. I’ve been listening to their most recent album, Get Color, a lot. It’s kind of a cross between Big Black and fey indie pop.’
The Arches, Glasgow, Mon 30 Aug.

‘This is a new patisserie that is due to open imminently on Hyndland Street in the West End of Glasgow. It’s run by a friend of mine, Stefan Spicknell. He’s a patisserie chef who runs a catering company, and also makes these really amazing cakes and desserts.’
Cottonrake will open on 31 Hyndland Street in September, date TBC. See www.cottonrake.com for more info.

Retreat! Festival
‘This is something I’d love to go to if I was in town. It’s a DIY avant-garde festival, and pretty low key. It’s organised by Tracer Trails, the people who put on Calvin Johnson recently in Glasgow, which I really enjoyed. I think it’s really nice when there’s a city festival, and ten or twelve bands on the bill to enjoy. You’re bound to like something on there.’
Retreat! Festival, Pilrig St Paul’s Church Hall, Leith Walk / Pilrig Street, Sat 28–Sun 29 Aug, 2–11pm.

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