The Mother of Invention (2 stars)

The Mother of Invention

(12) 98min

Despite an amusing cameo by Mark Boone Jr as protagonist Vincent’s dishevelled dad and a couple of wryly amusing moments from Kevin Corrigan playing Vincent’s relatively wise, melancholic buddy, this is a mockumentary better on the mocking than the invention.

Following the life of 25-year-old Vincent Dooley (Andre Bowser) as he prepares to enter the annual ‘Eddy’ competition for youthful innovation, the film’s narrative thrust comes from Vincent’s innovatory incompetence. With a film crew following him around, Vincent describes the various inventions he has brought into the world. One is a talking pillow that will ask for affection; another is a helmet with a knife in it that women can wear to ward off potential rapists. Writer/director Joseph M. Petrick wants us to feel something for the poor man we’ve mocked for most of the film’s running time. Ultimately it’s difficult to care. Minimal extras.

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