The 7th Dimension (1 star)

The 7th Dimension

(15) 90min

‘The whole universe in one room,’ a character pronounces in Brad Watson’s low budget sci-fi. Clearly envisaged as the kind of cerebral sci-fi thriller that makes up for its lack of economic clout with ingenuity of thought (à la Dark Star, Moon and Primer among others), The 7th Dimension lacks invention. It feels like the screenplay has been over-doctored with back stories, domestic crises and cabin fever irritations all playing bridesmaid to a story of computer hackers determined to break the Vatican’s code and predict the future.
The humourless cast, including Kelly Adams and Jonathan Rhodes, do their best with screeds of plot exposition and emotionally wrought moments that seem unjustified or over-reactive in relation to the information we’ve been given. When one character says she has had enough waiting around while her beau tries to crack the code they seem to be in entirely different genres: he is in science fiction; she happens to be in an episode of a soap opera. Confused? You will be. Minimal extras.

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