The Perfect Sleep (1 star)

The Perfect Sleep

(15) 101min

Had the makers of this movie concentrated more on the main product and less on an amusing viral campaign, The Perfect Sleep might not have wound up such a yawnsome affair. Gary Oldman and Bono were both filmed advising people, in a marginally over-the-top fashion, not to go and see the theatrical release of this pitiable noir effort. We can only await with frenzied anticipation, the DVD campaign with Tim Roth and Sting doing similar.

So, what’s so bad about this film, a convoluted drama about families and revenge and loyalty and pain and loners walking off into the sunset? Well, we have a wind farm-obsessed narrator mumbling on in a horribly non-ironic, hard-boiled fashion, tossing off a weighty pearl during every clunkily-directed scene, dialogue to kill for (literally) and a plot so tortured and daft that you want to slice one of the many brandished blades across your own throat. No extras means happily not having to spend another second in this drivel’s company.

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