Tears For Sale (4 stars)

Tears For Sale

(18) 86min

Reportedly the most expensive Serbian film ever made, this darkly comic fantasy is reminiscent of Terry Gilliam’s and Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s gloriously eccentric flights of fancy. It certainly boasts the requisite visual imagination and CG wizardry, but it’s also imbued with enough Balkan humour and tragedy to elevate it beyond simply being a rip-off.

Opening in 1918 in a Serbian village, where World War One has decimated the male population, it follows the fortunes of two horny sisters who are sent by their neighbouring womenfolk to go and find a virile man with whom they can all procreate. To ensure their return, the townswomen summon the spirit of the sisters’ beloved dead grandmother as collateral, a cunning ploy that complicates the girls’ plans to abscond to Belgrade with a pair of beaus they meet on the road.

It’s a genuinely crazy, sexy fairytale. Let’s hope Hollywood doesn’t decide to remake it. No extras.

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