The Pope, The Royal Channel and Beyonce on YouTube

The Pope, The Royal Channel and Beyonce on YouTube

The Pope has been and gone, but how best can you stay in touch with the pontiff when he’s out of town? Like any 21st-century boy, the Pope and the Vatican have their own YouTube channel, with an impressive 787 uploaded videos. He’s not the only international figure to embrace the challenge of communicating with the broadband generation. This month, your PlayList puts you in contact with the internet output of all kinds of iconic figures such as Jordan’s Queen Rania, who provides a warm welcome where she invites viewers to upload their own video showing what’s good about her country, and graciously promises a holiday for two for the winner.

No such blandishments on offer back in Blighty, where HRH The Queen clearly wasn’t up for fronting any competitions, but instead offers up royal subjects like ivory tickler Jools Holland at a garden party on The Royal Channel. Whether it’s actually her Maj herself working the mouse or not, The Royal Channel offers a range of clips of her and her family in action, and even girlishly ‘hearts’ video like The Jersey Boys performing ‘Who Loves You Pretty Baby?’. Even dancing queen Beyonce has her own channel, although, bootylicious hipster that she is, she prefers to premiere her latest examination of the working of the human thigh among the more technologically savvy clientele of Vimeo.

And the next generation are likely to go the same way; the kids of today are watching Sesame Street’s own channel, which includes the opportunity for them to put the burning moral and political questions of the day to the eminence grise of modern philosophy that is ‘Tickle Me’ Elmo. But Big Bird and her lovable fuzzy pals don’t have a monopoly on the best clips. If you only click on one this week, make sure it’s this superb funked out performance of the Sesame Street theme song by Stevie Wonder. Sure, the quality is fuzzier than the Cookie Monster’s armpit, but that’s what makes it so ineffably cool. The Queen’s probably ‘heart-ing’ it right now.


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