Psych 9 (2 stars)

Psych 9

(18) 93 mins
(indi VISION)

Unfortunately, Psych 9 takes itself way too seriously. Roslyn (Sarah Foster) finds temporary employment on the nightshift helping to clear out an abandoned hospital, while a serial killer (dubbed the Night Hawk by local media) prowls the local streets. Soon unexplained noises, creepy kids and apparitions are crawling out of the woodwork as Roslyn works through ghosts from her own past in informal counselling sessions with co-worker Dr Clement (Cary Elwes). Foster’s overly jittery performance isn’t helped by an infuriating script, as there are a couple of nice ideas lurking in there, that insists on sticking to weary haunted house formulas while desperately attempting to add depth by layering on pseudo-psychological nonsense instead of genuine scares.

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