Night of the Demons (3 stars)

Night of the Demons

(18) 96 mins

Hollywood’s unquenchable appetite for remakes means even near-forgotten schlock horror cheapies are getting the remake treatment. Night of the Demons was a lurid, gory, late-night favourite from 1988 and this updated version is just as goofy as a group of revellers (including a doughy Edward Furlong as a lowlife drug dealer) get attacked/possessed by demons at a Hallowe’en party in a haunted New Orleans mansion. It could do with picking up the pace in the first act but this is a knowing homage to 80s horror comedy and once it kicks off it’s a rip snorting riot of boobs, blood and demonic beasties. NotD isn’t a subtle film but it’s good fun if you’re willing to disengage the brain and go along for the ride.

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