31 North 62 East (2 stars)

31 North 62 East

Ham-fisted and unwise affair

(15) 99min


Would you trust a Prime Minister who is a cross between John Prescott and Boris Yeltsin? This and several other lumpen creations are offered up in a ham-fisted attempt to point the finger at government agencies who ruthlessly chuck our brave boys and girls on the frontline only to be sacrificed for political gain.

When Jill Mandelson (Ultimate Force’s Heather Peace) uncovers the truth that her SAS twin sister (guess who plays her?) was delivered on a plate to thumbscrew-happy Afghan rebels in return for a lucrative arms deal, she seeks her own revenge by kidnapping the PM’s spin doctor (Star Trek’s Marina Sirtis) and humiliating her on a live internet feed. But will Mandelson’s Jack Bauer-esque behaviour allow the public to see the light? Unsmiling writer and director Tristan Loraine delivers a DVD-extra justification for this unwise affair.

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