Room In Rome (Habitacion En Roma) (3 stars)

Room In Rome (Habitacion En Roma)

Julio Medem continues exploration of sexuality, but delivers emptiest film yet

(18) 103min

Two women, one gay, Alba (Elena Anaya), the other the heterosexual Natasha (Natasha Yarovenko) have an overnight fling in a Rome hotel room, talk about their pasts and prepare for their future. Director Julio Medem continues his fascination with sexuality after Lovers of the Arctic Circle and Sex and Lucia. But this seems his emptiest film yet, the one closest to conforming to conventional dialogue exchanges and shot choices.

That isn’t to say the style isn’t elaborate – evident in the opening shot of the two girls walking towards the hotel room viewed from the position of the balcony – but it is often predictable, with Medem offering clunky exposition apparent in the conversation the two women have over which of two twins Natasha happens to be: an actress or tennis player. As a piece of polished eroticism the film works, but master Basque filmmaker Medem is usually more adventurous than this. Available in Blu-ray and DVD. Minimal extras.

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