Army of the Dead (1 star)

Army of the Dead

Character clichés wheeled out in this torpid affair

(18) 89min

Of all the legions of scary monsters and super creeps, walking skeletons have to be the most rubbish. Ray Harryhausen managed to make them pretty threatening in Jason and the Argonauts and the bony ghouls from Pirates of the Caribbean do their job but the rattling conquistadors in Army of the Dead are not as terrifying as the moribund script and death-defyingly awful acting.

All the character clichés are wheeled out in this torpid affair (a nutty professor, a brave beefcake and a loose woman who is just waiting be put to the sword), in which a long-dormant El Dorado curse is awoken by archaeological greed. This is boring, repetitive and weirdly shot like a Russ Meyer movie albeit with buxom broads replaced by skeletal sceptres.

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