Down Terrace (4 stars)

Down Terrace

Alternately nasty and hilarious UK kitchen sink gangster film

(15) 89min

Not another facking Brit gangster flick?! Well, yes, but this alternately nasty and hilarious little gem is a world away from the mockney posturing of Guy Ritchie and co. Set in the suburban backstreets of Southern England’s tarnished seaside resort, Brighton, Down Terrace comes on like a comic crime drama directed by Ken Loach or Mike Leigh – kitchen sink gangsterism if you will. It concerns a pair of small-ish-time crooks, father and son Bill and Karl, just released from a modest prison sentence and intent on finding out who grassed them up … while putting off redecorating the front room. The first half is full of funny bleak moments, most notably Bill’s priceless paean to the trippy old 1960s. Thereafter, things take a violent turn, following the arrival of top brass from London. Director Ben Wheatley, his co-writer Robin Hill (who also plays Karl) and Robert Hill (Robin’s dad, playing Bill) are talents to watch. Extras: short film, extra scenes, acting tests.