Kicks (3 stars)


Lindy Heymann’s dark drama dramatises crisis of Britain’s celebrity culture

(15) 82min
(Drakes Avenue)

The third and final film to be made under Liverpool and Northwest’s excellent micro-budget scheme, Digital Departures, director Lindy Heymann’s dark drama is very different from its predecessors, Terence Davies’ documentary Of Time and City and Salvage, a post-7/7 horror shot on the old Brookside set. Kicks, which was originally and more straightforwardly titled Starstruck, dramatises the crisis of Britain’s celebrity culture with a story about two teenage Liverpudlian girls whose obsession with an Anfield midfielder leads them kidnap him when it’s announced he’s a transfer target for Real Madrid. Kerrie Hayes and Nichola Burley convince as, respectively, the introverted and underprivileged Nicole and the wealthy aspiring WAG Jasmine. Their characters are reminiscent of the not dissimilar troubled teens from My Summer of Love, and that film’s lovely visual styling is her matched by cinematographer Eduard Grau, who recently shot A Single Man for Tom Ford. Extras: Making of documentary.

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