The best films of 2010

The top films of the year

The Secret in Their Eyes, Un Prophet, Exit Through the Gift Shop, South of the Border and Black Death

The Secret in Their Eyes (El Secreto Des Sus Ojos)

Argentinean romantic modern noir/thriller starring the mighty Ricardo Darín that really works. Worthy winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film.

A Prophet (Un Prophet)

Audiard’s stunning crime epic about one young Arab man’s trajectory from French prison no mark to mafia kingpin. New star Tahar Rahim comes on like a young Pacino and is definitely a talent to watch.

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Artist Banksy’s brilliant comic documentary about life, art, dissent and the commercial exploitation of street art.

South of the Border

It’s been a great year for Oliver Stone. His Wall Street sequel was very good but this documentary about Latin America’s gradual resurrection as a socialist continent was fantastic and full of hope.

Black Death

Shades of The Wicker Man and Witchfider General haunted this thoroughly entertaining medieval thriller by hot Brit genre filmmaker Christopher Smith (Severance, Triangle).

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