Goblin set for date at Glasgow Music and Film Festival 2011

Goblin set for date at Glasgow Music and Film Festival 2011

Italian prog rock band best known for work on horror films of Dario Argento

The Italian prog rock band Goblin are most famous for their work on the horror films of Dario Argento. Here are five reasons why their appearance at the Glasgow Music and Film Festival will be unmissable

1: They come from another, better time
Before horror movie soundtracks became bland metal compilations of corporate synergy, Goblin’s Italian prog could be counted on to provide the requisite tone of mania, suspense or plain, old-fashioned evil. Their work with legendary giallo director Dario Argento set the bar so high, people don’t even bother these days.

2: They are no ordinary film composers
Before Argento hired them to finish murder mystery Profondo Rosso, they were a fully-fledged prog rock live band and at the height of their success, their soundtracks were million-sellers.

3: They’re playing the hits
With no new album to promote (as yet) Goblin are going to be drawing from their classic scores for Profondo Rosso, Suspiria and Dawn of the Dead among others. Will we hear anything from the fantastic Tenebre, recorded by three of the group under a different title for legal reasons? Only one way to find out!

4: GFF and The Arches said so
The annual team-up already has an impressive track record of hosting imaginative, one-off gigs. This year also sees 65 Days Of Static re-soundtrack sci-fi classic Silent Running while Zombie Zombie will do the same for Battleship Potemkin. Goblin will still undoubtedly be the highlight.

5: You may not get another chance
Having not played live together in 32 years, Goblin reformed for a handful of rare gigs in 2009, before splitting again on the eve of their 2010 Glasgow GFF gig. This time round, original keyboardist and general mastermind Claudio Simonetti is also back in the fold.

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