Series 1 of Gary Tank Commander released on DVD (3 stars)

Series 1 of Gary Tank Commander released on DVD

Greg McHugh' slightly dim, highly camp Edinburgher

(15) 180min

The idea of a slightly dim, highly camp Edinburgher in the armed services sounds like it has the potential to be either massively offensive or a spot-on critique of military politics. The ultimately affectionate Gary Tank Commander falls between as many stools imaginable but thankfully has enough moments of sheer daftness to make it worth persevering with.

Asides from the YouTube-style footage of Gary McLintoch (played by the show’s creator, Greg McHugh) and his cohorts larking about in Iraq (actually Kirkintilloch, as revealed in a DVD extra) and standard sitcom fare such as a birthday being ignored, an American with a funny name (General Randy Badger) and an unopened envelope with potentially serious news, we see Gary responding to questions from an unseen interviewer. There, he offers his Brent-like ‘opinions’ such as a cure for terrorism: ‘Just take that rucksack aff and let’s have a beer; let’s get wrecked and talk shite.’ Never mind the barracks, here’s Gary McLintoch.

Lady Gaga, Telephone - Gary: Tank Commander, Series 2 - BBC One Scotland

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