Playlist - Cutting-edge, Scottish short films


Modern Times, Swedish For Hello and Morgan M. Morgansen’s Date With Destiny

If your 2011 diet of cinema has thus far been confined to dumpster-bound turkeys and stale awards ceremony regurgitations masquerading as fresh product, get ready for some healthier fare. What you really want is some tasty, cutting-edge, local filmmaking and PlayList is here with a groaning buffet table of sweetmeats.

So lets blast off with Modern Times, pictured, in which Edinburgh-based ‘motionographer’ BC2010 has created a retro-tinged sci-fi epic that deliciously picks up where Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 left off. In a beautifully rendered lunar landscape, a visionary work is piped down to an enthralled audience of moon dwellers. The twist, of course, is what these interstellar pioneers are watching, but you’ll have to check it out for yourself to see.

The beauty of such new technology is that it allows the creation of new vistas, stories and styles, none more so than Fife’s very own Lawrie Brewster, whose creation with Irish screenwriter Sarah Daly – Morgan M. Morgansen’s Date With Destiny - wowed audiences at Sundance last year. They collaborated with Inception star Joe Gordon Levitt to forge an inspired mixture of live-action and visual opulence.

And there’s more down-to-earth Scottish filmmaking in the charming, romantic short Swedish For Hello, in which a cappuccino vendor struggles to communicate with his increasingly eccentric customers. Working from inside the confined space a police box, or a TARDIS as most of us know it, the vendor’s experience proves that life, like Dr Who’s spacecraft, has more to offer than it appears at first glance. Alessio Avezzano’s distinctively Glasgow-set confection may not have such a huge production, but it’s quirky, funny and worth ten minutes of anyone’s time.

The point is that long after most short film schemes have dried up and government funding for filmmakers seems a thing of the past, committed Scottish creatives are still getting their work out there. So pick up your camera, or even your phone and see how your work measures up to the fresh filmmakers mentioned above.


Morgan M. Morgansen's date with Destiny

Swedish for Hello (Short Film)

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