Lucky Dragons: No Boundaries, No Hierarchies

Lucky Dragons: No Boundaries, No Hierarchies

Participatory contribution to Glasgow Music and Film Festival

Fans of audience participation are in for a rare treat at Glasgow promoters Cry Parrot’s contribution to the Glasgow Music and Film Festival. Opening the show, Edinburgh’s Wounded Knee has invited audience members to take part in Tones of the Universe, a one-off collaborative choir, (‘no mics and no PA necessary’) of improvised vocalisations. The choir will be open to all and the idea, luckily for those of us for whom karaoke is a waking nightmare, is to enjoy the experience of singing rather than show off your vocal dexterity. For the main event, Cry Parrot have been gathering video contributions from members of the public, to be incorporated in an audio-visual show in which attendees will also be invited to participate. In their words, ‘You control the music. You control the film.’

Overseeing the musical aspect will be LA’s Lucky Dragons (AKA Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara), who have made a name for themselves specialising in creating one-time-only performances that focus on audience involvement. Past interactive performances have involved music triggered and manipulated through skin contact between audience members, a process Luke describes as ‘building up a sort of third identity between audience and performer that’s really neither, but always both.’ The more timid amongst you may be relieved to hear that Luke assured The List, ‘there’s no pressure to participate, and there’s an understanding between us that listening, in itself, is a very engaged way to participate.’ However, it might prove difficult to resist the array of toys Luke says that Lucky Dragons are bringing to the party, including ‘the synthesizer that is played by touching one another on the skin, a synthesizer that is played by reflecting video light using CD-Rs, seed pod shakers, tuned gongs, a flute, some microphones, delays…sounds like fun, right?’

Glasgow Arches, Tues 22 Feb

Lucky Dragons: No Boundaries, No Hierarchies

Experimental electronica that aims to break down boundaries between audience and artist, backed by silent short film screenings. Part of the Glasgow Music and Film Festival.


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