Listen to sound art underwater at Glasgow's Wet Sounds installation

Wet Sounds

Swimming pool listening part of Glasgow Music and FIlm Festival

The last time Wet Sounds floated into view was in Leith Baths in Edinburgh, where a non-stop electronic pulse added momentum as well as meditation to the daily work-out. This time around, curator Joel Cahan has enlisted the skills of site-specific specialist Eric La Casa and electro-acoustic composer Adrian Moore to add a different element to Wet Sounds, which this session uses two different sound-systems, one above water, the other below.

‘The event on Saturday will be pretty similar to what we did in Edinburgh, but on Sunday with Eric and Adrian we’re going to have the whole place lit up differently, so that becomes part of the experience as well as hearing different sounds depending on whether you’re underwater or not. The mixer allows us to route the sound anywhere we like, so it’s actually a split composition in two parts.’

Since Cahen began Wet Sounds in 2008, it has become something of a global operation, capturing the imaginations of novelty-seeking swimmers as well as more serious minded avant-garde music buffs.

‘You normally only get to hear electro-acoustic work in an academic context,’ Cahen points out, ‘so to get Eric and Adrian inside a swimming pool is a real treat. I think we’re lacking in venues for listening to things in that aren’t just concert venues to watch bands in, but where you can go to listen to things outwith a purely social context. I like the possibilities of using the pool as a total art space, where it becomes a completely different world you’re experiencing.’

Just remember, though, as the signs used to say, no dive-bombing and no petting. Especially not the noisy kind.

Wet Sounds, North Woodside Leisure Centre, Glasgow, February 19th, 2pm-4pm; February 20th, 5pm

Wet Sounds

Two sound systems provide music above and below the surface of the water for a truly unique listening experience. Part of Glasgow Music and Film Festival. Sun 20 Feb: Featuring live performances from Eric La Casa, Adrian Moore and Joel Cahen.

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