You Instead - David MacKenzie's film shot in four days at T in the Park

You Instead - David MacKenzie's film shot in four days at T in the Park

T in the Park-set Rock’n’roll romcom starring Luke Treadaway and Natalia Tena

Making a feature film in four days is no mean feat; doing it amid the craziness of T in the Park is even more impressive. ‘It was really invigorating, because you know you can’t spend too much time on any one thing, so it’s all new stuff, you’re not doing the same thing over and over,’ says David Mackenzie, director of You Instead. The film is a rock’n’roll romcom that follows two handcuffed-together rockstars Adam (Luke Treadaway) and Morello (Natalia Tena). Here are Mackenzie’s tips on how to make the ideal festival film.

If you’re filming outdoors in Scotland, make use of the weather.
‘You have to know that your story will be able to function in all conditions. There was a scene with mud in the script, and we were worried we were going to have to fake it, find water to pour down and churn it up and so on, but thankfully it was supplied naturally.’

Make sure you have your own extras on hand …
‘We had hoped that we could get 1500 punters to be in the background of one of our stage shots, but there was another performance on at the same time, so everybody just wandered off. Happily, we had about 50 extras who stayed loyal to the film throughout.’

… but include the people who show up anyway.
‘There were a few moments where people looked at the cameras and messed up the shots, and we’ve put some of that stuff over the end credits. There were also a couple of people who made it look like the actors were being stared at because they were famous musicians, rather than because there was a bunch of cameras around them, so that worked nicely.’

Make something people can get excited about.
‘The really important thing for us is that the film is out at the cinemas before the festival season kicks off. We want people to go and see it to get them in the mood for going out to a festival. Even for me, having been involved in making and editing it for some time, it makes me want to go out to a music festival. If that’s what it does for people, that’s a great thing.’

Cast musicians.
‘Luke Treadaway and Natalia Tena both have musical experience – Luke’s first movie called Brothers of the Head involved him and his brother [twin Harry Treadaway] playing in some proto-punk band, and Natalia’s got her own band called Molotov Jukebox who are very good. Two of the songs in the film were both written by the pair of them.’

(Interview by Niki Boyle).

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