Edinburgh International Film Festival curators revealed

Edinburgh International Film Festival curators revealed

Jim Jarmusch

Sara Driver and Jim Jarmusch, Clint Mansell, Isabella Rossellini and more are confirmed - but what will they bring to the EIFF?

The EIFF hopes to screen You Are Not I, the film Sara Driver made the year after she began working on partner Jim Jarmusch’s films in 1980. Given the cool aesthetic of their collaborations, less is more might inform their curatorial choices. A new one of their own would be great: another Coffee and Cigarettes short, featuring EIFF patron/Limits of Control star Tilda Swinton?

Clint Mansell left pop music to eat itself and began scoring films for Darren Aronofsky, so a retrospective – featuring the undervalued The Fountain – might be in order. But maybe that’s too narcissistic. More leftfield would be a mash-up with fellow curator Mike Skinner, who is himself abandoning music for filmmaking. They could host a rap-alonga to, say, The Sound of Music...
She’s a passionate advocate of the films of Ingmar Bergman and her father Roberto, and the thought of Isabella Rossellini hosting a twin retrospective of those giants of cinema would be wild at heart and crazy on top. Also, it would be nice to see Isabella’s insect sex education TV show, Green Porno.

Being a pre-eminent arthouse filmmaker, Gus Van Sant could curate some weird and wonderful movies. But his much (and unfairly) derided shot-for-shot remake of Psycho pioneered a whole new genre – Family Guy did Star Wars, some teenagers spent 6 years doing Raiders of the Lost Ark and there’s the Youtube sensation The Pre-make of Up! – that’s worth exploring frame by frame.

It’s only right that at least one of the curators should be a Scot, and given Scotland’s finest contribution to late 20th century culture was literature, it’s only right he/her be novelist Alan Warner (Morvern Callar). But if film adaptations of he and his contemporaries, Irvine, AL et al, are a bit thin on the ground perhaps the literate ones could stage readings of unfilmed scripts and then wax lyrical about who they’d like to make them? These Demented Lands by Van Sant, anyone?

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