The Wire's Idris Elba stars in Glasgow-shot thriller Legacy (2 stars)

The Wire's Idris Elba stars in Glasgow-shot thriller Legacy

Elba turns in a strong performance, but is undermined by muddled plotting

(15) 114min

One of the most interesting things about Legacy lies in its production: whilst the story is set almost entirely in New York the whole film was shot in Glasgow. Local film company Black Camel Pictures persuaded director Thomas Ikimi to make his second feature in Scotland, with their support. The result is a film that most people will be unaware has any connection to Scotland at all. Legacy is the story of Malcolm Gray (Idris Elba), a Black Ops soldier who has returned from a botched operation in Eastern Europe. Hiding away in a grimy hotel room in Brooklyn he attempts to deal with his trauma and desire for retribution.

Elba is the film's greatest strength; he's an impressive screen presence and proves he can hold the attention of an audience single-handedly. The early action scenes show Ikimi to be a promising director but overall there's a sense that Legacy would benefit from a re-edit; its internal logic is confused making the story's progression difficult to follow and key narrative details are revealed too early so that when the final plot developments come they don't quite have the impact they intended.

Selected release, Friday 11 March.