Tindersticks: Claire Denis Scores 1996–2009 (5 stars)

Tindersticks: Claire Denis Scores 1996–2009

Excellent anthology of film scores from the French filmmaker and regular collaborator Stuart Staples


This five-disc boxset containing six film scores are testament to the remarkable collaboration between French filmmaker Claire Denis, arguably the most intellectually fertile auteur working today, and Tindersticks bandleader Stuart A Staples.

From the sonorous heartbreak of 1996’ Nenette et Boni to the unsettling atmospherics of 2009’s White Material these scores are as much exercises in generic abandon as they are an attempt to access the psyche. Thus the score to body horror Trouble Every Day pulsates with menace, 2002’s Vendredi Soir flows towards escape, L’Intrus deposits clarity for an outsider status and 35 Rhums uses ethnic rhythms to find a home where the heart is. Beautiful, essential.

Trouble Every Day Opening Song Tindersticks.


The darkly romantic side of Britpop - atmospheric songs layered with literary lyrics, mumbling vocals and gently melancholy orchestrations.

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