Lock Up Your Daughters Glasgow clubnight

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  • 29 June 2011
Lock Up Your Daughters Glasgow clubnight

Collective responsible for Glasgow’s only ‘network for creative queers’

Take Lock Up Your Daughters (LUYD), the collective responsible for Glasgow’s only ‘network for creative queers’. They make zines, run music events and are now delving into LGBT-friendly filmmaking to add another string to their bow. It might make you sick, were it not so gosh darn cool.

‘I’m from a film background and was recently involved in making a movie about a trans kid called James Dean,’ explains Lucy Elliott, who set up LUYD with fellow Brighton exile Sophie Holmes in 2008.

‘It’s doing the rounds at festivals now and that made me see how useful it would be to mentor other people. There are so many great ideas floating about but a really talented person could miss the chance to express themselves without certain opportunities.’

The opportunities she refers to are LUYD’s new fortnightly filmmaking workshops and monthly screenings at the Glasgow Film Theatre. Each month, a different LGBT-leaning film is selected (previously, the grunge-tastic All Over Me and peppy cult classic But I’m A Cheerleader), with shorts made in the workshops shown beforehand.

LUYD’s alterna-queer (but straight-friendly) clubnight at The Flying Duck resulted from their own distaste for cliquey, superficial night spots in the area and has made them synonymous with good-time gay nights in Glasgow.

‘At the end of each night, my face hurts from having gone round and smiled at everyone, to make them feel welcome. We just want people to feel as cool as possible, no matter who they are.’

LUYD clubnight takes place on the second last Friday of every month during term-time. The filmmaking collective meets every second Monday at 7pm in The Flying Duck. Their next GFT screening is on Sunday 17 July, 8pm.

But I'm a Cheerleader (Cheerleader Interrupted) - Trailer

ALL OVER ME UK TRAILER by peccadillopictures

Lock Up Your Daughters

Ass-shaking session from the LUYD fanzine pitched as 'a response to the boredom and brain dead stagnation that plagues modern gay culture', with electroclash and pop from residents Lock Up Your DJs.

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