The Last Kiss (2 stars)

(15) 104min

This reworking of the 2001 Italian film L’Ultimo Bacio, scripted by Paul Haggis hot from his back-to-back Oscar wins for Million Dollar Baby and Crash, is a smug dram-rom-com that isn’t nearly as smart, original or true to life as its makers would evidently like to think it is. Baby-faced Scrubs star Zach Braff plays a young professional who, upon turning 30, and facing the prospect of becoming a parent, deals with the immediate onset of an early-mid-life crisis by having a fling with a gorgeous and dim young co-ed. Thereafter, this portentously titled film follows a much beaten path, during which the male protagonist must flagellate himself before achieving - yawn! - forgiveness and - snore! - redemption. Even The Last Kiss’ conceit - that generation x-cum-y’s mid-life crises come a decade earlier than those of their parents - fails to raise an eyebrow or lift a heavy lid.

Braff is a charismatic enough actor, but the material he’s working from is so stultifyingly dull and, worse, so self-important, it’s impossible to care about the actions or motivations of his adulterous architect. Even veteran performers Blythe Danner and Tom Wilkinson fail to draw succour from The Last Kiss.

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