Post Mortem (4 stars)

Post Mortem

Powerful sophomore feature based on 1970s Chilean politics

(15) 97min

It’s 1973 and work on President Salvador Allende’s ‘Chilean Path to Socialism’ is about to be brought to an abrupt halt by a Chilean military coup. Mario (Alfredo Castro) works for the Santiago morgue as a typist. Quiet, efficient, Mario is in love with Nancy (Antonia Zegers), a mysterious burlesque dancer. As General Pinochet and the military junta take control of the country the bodies begin to pile up and Mario struggles to do his job, but worse than that, Nancy has gone missing.

Pablo Larrain’s follow-up to 2008 political allegory Tony Manero is a difficult and disturbing but clearly cathartic work. Shot on 16mm film and blown up to normal format to make everything seem grimy and dirty, Post Mortem is a meta-textual film about a society in blood soaked hell.

The oily and odd Mario (another brilliant darkly comic creation from actor Castro) is the distorting prism through which we glimpse some key events – the cover up of Allende’s assassination, the slaughter of innocents, the night time massacres of radicals and so on. Larrain’s powerful sophomore feature is a slow and dark journey into the heart of darkness.

GFT, Glasgow from Fri 9-Thu 15 Sep.

Post Mortem - Trailer

Post Mortem

  • 4 stars
  • 2010
  • Chile / Germany / Mexico
  • 15
  • Directed by: Pablo Larrain
  • Cast: Marcelo Alonso, Alfredo Castro, Antonia Zegers

Powerful sophomore feature from Larrain, exploring the bloody Chilean military coup of 1973 through the distorting prism of a quiet and efficient morgue typist (a brilliant and darkly comic creation from Castro) who is in love with a mysterious burlesque dancer (Zegers).

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