Red, White and Blue (4 stars)

Red, White and Blue

Grimly progressive horror/thriller strips away cliché that surrounds the genres

(18) 103min

Erica (Amanda Fuller) is not a good girl. She’s promiscuous but dispassionate, nihilistic but emotionless. The girl’s clearly got some issues. The only person who manages to make any kind of non-sexual connection is weirdy beardy Nate (Noah Taylor, remarkable). When Erica goes missing, Nate attempts to find her, but his search soon turns gruesome.

With its elliptical editing, mumbled dialogue and very bleak, adult agenda, Simon Rumley’s Austin, Texas-set film is a markedly different proposition than the normal vengeance horror. British director Rumley is certainly a talent to watch and his unique, queasy talents were already evident in his excellent previous feature The Living and the Dead, which took the ever topical anxiety and disappointments of dealing with organised health care and twisted it into a terror-filled satire on class and other British diseases. Red, White & Blue is a very serious attempt to strip away the cliché that surrounds horror/thriller staples – like the black widow female and avenging angel – to create a different dialogue. It’s not pleasant or easy to watch but Red, White & Blue is grimly progressive.

Selected release from Fri 30 Sep.

Red White & Blue Feature Trailer

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