Profile: Melissa George

Profile: Melissa George

Aussie actress Melissa George tells us all about her new film A Lonely Place to Die

Born 6 August, 1976, Perth, Australia.

Background Yet another Aussie soap alumni done good, after starring as Angel in over 300 episodes of Home & Away.

On making a break from soap land ‘I’m a very good quitter, I always quit a job at the right time,’ explains George. ‘I was only on Home & Away for two and a half years, I got in there made an impact and got out. I got offered a role with Jennifer Connelly in Dark City, they offered me a lot of money to stay, I didn’t and it was the best thing I ever did.’ Going on to land roles in Steven Soderbergh’s The Limey, David Lynchs’ Mullholland Drive and big TV shows such as Alias, Friends and Grey’s Anatomy.

What’s she in now? She takes the lead in A Lonely Place to Die set in the Scottish Highlands. ‘It’s an action adventure film about a group of rock climbers who find a girl underground with an air-pipe, so it turns out that my character intercepted a kidnapping plot that goes horribly wrong so I’m taking this little girl though the fantastic scenery of Scotland to safely. So you just see me and this girl climb mountains, dive in the water, running through the forest, getting this girl to safety, so it creates a very exciting action thriller. Anything to do with rock-climbing and nature vs man creates an element of brutality and to watch her survive in such difficult conditions is what makes the movie so fun to watch.

‘I think after 127 Hours came out and you’re dealing with a beast of a mountain people are expecting a rollercoaster of a ride but I don’t think they’re going to expect it to be so beautifully done. I would work with [director] Julian Gilbey again in a second, his attitude is so infectious it was a real pleasure.’

On filming in the Highlands ‘I couldn’t believe my luck we climbed the highest mountain in the UK, it’s the most beautiful place in the world, it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen anyway. You can’t put a price on the mountains of Scotland and if you had to recreate those it would be a $50 million film, the fact we were so blessed to shoot the movie in the highlands gave it such a big budget feel.’

On being a scream queen George has knocked up some pretty impressive horror credentials starring in the likes of The Amityville Horror (2005 remake), 30 Days of Night, Paradise Lost and Triangle. ‘When I did In Treatment and got a Golden Globe nomination my core audience for that didn’t know about my genre work, what I’ve managed to do is have pockets of fans. I’m very loyal to my horror fans, but people who have seen me in Triangle might not have seen me in In Treatment.’

Interesting fact She first started as a roller-skating champ, even picking up a silver medal in Junior World Championships in 1991.
A Lonely Place to Die, previews from Wed 7 Sep.

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