Profile: Miranda July

Profile: Miranda July

Director's much-anticipated second film The Future

Miranda July

15 February, 1974

July is an artist, writer and filmmaker from Berkeley, California. She is best-known for her critically acclaimed film Me and You and Everyone We Know, which won the Sundance Film Festival award for ‘originality of vision’ and the Camera d’Or prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 2005. With the artist Harrell Fletcher, she has created the online communal art project ‘Learning To Love You More’. Her short stories have been published in the Paris Review and The New Yorker. She is married to the filmmaker Mike Mills.

On making her much-anticipated second film
‘I knew when I was editing my first movie that the next one was not going to be a comedy. I just had too much of my own darkness … and I knew that I had to make something really honest about that.’

On the main theme of The Future
‘The movie is about time in both a mundane and a dramatic way. I’ve been thinking about this a lot and it was something I really didn’t want to dodge. Time is something that is very familiar and colloquial to us, yet the moment you start to think about it you find you’re in very philosophical territory.’

On surrealism and The Future
‘I was trying to stretch beyond what I knew and, of course, that’s really hard. But I thought somehow everyone is going to know if [the sentiment of] this is untrue. I wanted to explore feelings that are so unbearable that they are beyond words so the surreal elements in this film are not tied to those moments of life that are wondrous and whimsical [as they were in her first feature film]. It was about being true to the feeling of something [like heartbreak].’

Interesting fact
July was born Miranda Grossinger. Her stage moniker comes from a character named ‘July’ whom she co-created (with her best friend from high school, Johanna Fateman of the band ‘Le Tigre’) for a ‘girlzine’ called Snarla. She later changed her name legally to ‘Miranda July’.

The Future is on selected release from Fri 4 Nov.

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