Trespass (2 stars)


Over-complicated home invasion/heist movie starring Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman

Joel Schumacher’s latest directorial effort (and Nic Cage’s latest swipe at paying off his mounting tax and legal debts) Trespass is a film that bears many comparisons with David Fincher’s underrated 2002 thriller Panic Room. Both feature wealthy-but-disintegrating families, under target from a group of semi-professional home-invading heist men, locked in a battle of wills with their captors to see who’ll survive to see the credits roll.

Indeed, Schumacher has apparently figured that the films were all too similar, and has attempted to spice up his version by adding in sibling rivalries, flaky romantic liaisons, a crack-smoking love interest, numerous bluffs and double-crosses and more plot twists than a pig’s tail. The weight of all these extra bells and whistles quickly strains the audience’s patience and credulity past breaking point; this is a pity, as the film is reasonably well-paced and replete with passable performances. As it stands, Trespass is a muddled mess of a movie; let’s hope Cage doesn’t have to churn out too many more before breaking even.

With thanks to Vue Omni, Edinburgh.

Trespass Trailer


  • 2 stars
  • 2011
  • US
  • 1h 30min
  • 15
  • Directed by: Joel Schumacher
  • Written by: Eli Richbourg, Karl Gajdusek
  • Cast: Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman
  • UK release: 11 November 2011

Kidnap thriller starring Kidman and Cage as a privileged husband and wife held to ransom by a gang who wield the power of a dark secret over the couple.

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