Bunny Lake is Missing (5 stars)

(12) 115min (DD Home Entertainment DVD retail)


Rejoice people rejoice! Otto Preminger’s long difficult to get hold of 1965 psychological thriller is finally seeing the light of day on a decent digitally remastered pressing.

When single mother Ann Lake (Carol Lynley) moves to London her young daughter, Bunny disappears from her nursery school and all records of her daughter’s existence vanish without trace. The police are soon convinced that Bunny was a figment of her mother’s imagination. Tense, moody, surreal and unforgettably seedy this was one of the finest films made in the UK in the 1960s. Plus it has Laurence Olivier, Noel Coward and Keir Dullea all doing some of the best film work they ever did. Beg, buy, borrow or steal this, because it’s brilliant. No extras, who needs them.

Bunny Lake Is Missing

  • 5 stars
  • 1965
  • UK
  • 1h 47min
  • Directed by: Otto Preminger
  • Cast: Keir Dullea, Carol Lynley, Laurence Olivier

When a woman's young daughter goes missing, there appears to be no evidence she ever existed in this psychological thriller.