Glasgow Film Festival highlights

Glasgow Film Festival highlights - NOT READY YET - MARK MILLAR?


A selection of the best events at GFF 2012


We’re excited about DIY promoter Cry Parrot’s event with soundtrack dark lord Umberto who will provide the music for a secret film of his choice (SWG3, 25 Feb, 8pm). Douglas Hart, founding member of The Jesus and Mary Chain, has made videos for the likes of My Bloody Valentine, The Pet Shop Boys and (ahem) Pete Doherty. Hart will introduce a screening of his first retrospective and discuss his achievements (CCA, 11 Feb, 9pm).

Comics and Art

Kapow is a special comic themed series of events in collaboration with Mark Millar, who will discuss his much anticipated 2012 project with DC legend Frank Quitely (CCA, 21 Feb, 4pm). Video game and comic book writers, including Rhianna Pratchett and Gordon Rennie, will run advice session about how to get ahead in the industry (CCA, 22 Feb, 12.30pm) and British comic book artist Bryan Hitch will be talking about his work, including his designs for the upcoming Avengers picture (CCA, 22 Feb, 3pm).

Young Folks

BFI Future Film’s #tweetapitch (The Arches, 12 Feb, 2.30pm) offers the chance to take part in a European filmmaking workshop. All you have to do is pitch your great idea in 140 words or less – #tricky. There are also workshops about how to adapt film to stage (The Arches, 11 Feb, 11am and 3pm), movie poster design (The Arches, 12 Feb, £5) and a Film Director Masterclass with Luke Snellin (GMAC, 11 Feb, 2pm). The winning films from this event will be screened during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London in 2012.

Glasgow Film Theatre and various other venues, Glasgow, dates, prices and times vary.

Adapting Film to Stage workshop

FellSwoop Theatre are a young, emerging company of recent graduates known for their bold and inventive productions. Their latest show is a live action adaptation of the French animated film Belleville Rendez-vous (2003), a sell-out success last year at the Edinburgh Fringe and now on tour across the country. Who better…

BFI Future Film presents: #tweetapitch

What makes a great pitch? Come and learn from the professionals! Send in a pitch for a documentary you'd like to make via Twitter @Yollywoodfilm or email in 140 characters to futurefilminstitute@bfi. The six best pitches will be selected and the filmmakers invited to join us at this live pitching event where…

Bryan Hitch in Conversation

British comic book artist Bryan Hitch is widely recognised as one of the industry's leading artists and storytellers, with his books regularly selling over 100,000 copies an issue in America alone. Also highly credited for his design work, his designs have appeared in the successful relaunch of Doctor Who in 2005 and…

Cry Parrot presents: Umberto

A true master of the horror film soundtrack aesthetic, Umberto's music is a hypnotic, all-consuming journey, reeling you into a foggy, neon-lit world of graveyards, stalkers, haunted houses, witches and blood-stained corpses. Evoking the unsettling progressive rock of Goblin and the sinister, dystopian synth-work of John…

Douglas Hart Music Videos

  • 1h 30min
  • Directed by: Douglas Hart

A founder member of The Jesus and Mary Chain, Douglas Hart first began making music videos in the late 80s for the likes of My Bloody Valentine and The Stone Roses. Over the last thirty years he has made more than 100 films working with a range of artists from Pete Doherty to the Pet Shop Boys, developing a distinct style…

Film Nation: Shorts presents: Film Director Masterclass

BAFTA nominated and Virgin Media Shorts-winning director Luke Snellin (Mixtape, Disco) will share his directorial secrets in this special masterclass. 104 Films' Michelle Eastwood will talk to Luke about the production process and inspirations behind his work, followed by an Run in partnership with Panasonic, Film Nation…

Mark Millar and Frank Quitely

Writer Mark Millar and superstar DC and Marvel artist Frank Quitely talk about their first collaboration together in ten years, taking us through the step-by-step process of an idea becoming a script, a comic book and eventually a big budget movie. Both living and working in Glasgow, they explain how geography is no…

Movie Poster Design Workshop

Jen Davis, who puts her talents to use for film distributor Park Circus, leads this practical and theoretical workshop on what makes a film poster work. Note: no computers or software used in this class. For 15–21 year olds; email for an application form.

Writing for Games and Comics

So you have a great idea for a video game or comic but where do you start? We bring together a panel of distinguished video game and comic book writers, including Rhianna Pratchet and Gordon Rennie, to give you tips on how to get into the industry and get ahead. They discuss the ups and downs of being involved in the…

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