Bourne succumbs to Rush Hour 3 at the box office

  • 13 August 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum was pushed off the box office top spot this weekend, after Rush Hour 3 opened to gross $50.2 million across US and Canadian cinemas. The third installment of the CIA thriller starring Matt Damon is now in its second weekend, with takings down 51% to $33.7 million. Rush Hour 3, the martial arts follow-up starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, comes six years after their last outing. Competing with Rush Hour 2 was seen as a huge challenge for the pair, after the film set a record August opening of $67.4 million in 2001. The figure was only beaten last week with the release of the Bourne Ultimatum, with took $69.3 million. The two hits are expected to put the box office on course for a record-breaking summer. “This used to be called the dog days of August. Now the dog days are not so bad,” said movie business analyst Paul Dergarabedian. “We’re looking really good for a record-breaking summer, something back in June we didn’t think would be attainable.”

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