Top 5 screen mothers

Top 5 screen mothers

In preparation for Mother's Day on Sun 18 Mar, we look at the definitive mamas on film

Mama Fratelli

played by Anne Ramsey in The Goonies

A mother who leans towards the disciplinarian side, Mama Fratelli regularly lets her sons feel the back of her hand, but also helpfully drives getaway for them when they rob banks. And as for her chained up, hideously deformed child Sloth – she only dropped him once. Well, maybe twice.

Ellen Ripley

played by Sigourney Weaver in the Alien films

Robbed of a more traditional mothering role (her daughter Amanda died while she was in hypersleep for 57 years), Ripley comes into her own when she discovers the fragile orphan Newt scurrying around the ventilation ducts of an xenomorph-decimated settlement. Also shouts 'Get away from her, you bitch!' in one of cinema's ultimate cat fights.

Norma Bates

SPOILER - played by Anthony Perkins in Psycho

Maybe 'played by' isn't exactly accurate – momma Bates' tyrannical influence on her son Norman is so strong that she seems to possess him, to the extent of them nearly sharing a name and definitely sharing a wardrobe. It'd be wrong to suspect her of any wrongdoing though – she wouldn't even harm a fly.

Natalie Koffin

played by Rebecca De Mornay in Mother's Day (2010)

We couldn't really have a Mother's Day list without Mother's Day, could we? Another in the 'crime family matriarch' mold, Natalie Koffin was so fearsome in her original incarnation that she was only ever referred to as 'Mother' (adopting the less severe Natalie monicker in the 2010 remake). It's the newer version that we prefer – de Mornay is a chilly psychopath, building on her earlier role as a mental nanny in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle.


played by Dee Wallace in ET: The Extra-Terrestrial

We've leaned towards the tiger-mother end of the spectrum so far, so we'll finish up with the type of mum you can rely on to keep your house well-stocked with Reece's Pieces and soft toys. Even if she does dress a bit too sexy at Hallowe'en.

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