Glasgow's Cineworld Renfrew Street introduces '4D' rumble seats

Glasgow's Cineworld Renfrew Street introduces '4D' rumble seats

Feel every tremor in films like John Carter and The Hunger Games

Just a couple of short months after Edinburgh received its own IMAX screen, Glasgow's Cineworld Renfrew Street (tallest cinema in the world, fact fans) is introducing special seats that add a 'fourth dimension' to your movie-going experience by rumbling and vibrating. The seats, produced by French company D-BOX, will make their debut alongside the release of sci-fi action adventure flick John Carter. They've also been earmarked for use in future releases The Hunger Games, The Cabin in the Woods, Battleship and Snow White and the Huntsman.

Glasgow's Cineworld is the first UK cinema to receive the new technology, with 35 seats being installed. By summer, D-BOX plans to have introduce the seats in Cineworld cinemas in Milton Keynes, Crawley, Castleford in West Yorkshire, Didsbury in Manchester and the O2 Greenwich in London. Another 24 cinemas will receive their own rumble seats within the next two years.

D-BOX seats will cost an extra £4.50 on top of a normal ticket price for a 2D film, and £5.50 on top of a normal ticket price for a 3D film. So for example, the total price for watching a 3D film at peak time (Mon–Thu after 5pm , Fri–Sun after noon – usually £8.30) will cost £13.80.

Cineworld Renfrew Street

7 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, G1 2RL

The world's tallest cinema, was also the UK's busiest in 2003, has been a Cineworld cinema since 2005 and features 18 screens. It is in the centre of Glasgow, near Buchanan bus station. It includes one 4DX auditorium with motion seats and effects.

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