Iron Sky (2 stars)

Iron Sky

Finland's so-so sci-fi comedy could actually benefit from an American remake

Six years in the making, Iron Sky arrives in a blaze of pre-release publicity. Finland’s first blockbuster, partly funded by fans, you certainly can’t quibble with its killer pitch: Nazis on the moon. It’s just a pity that director Timo Vuorensola’s so-so sci-fi comedy never quite lives up to such an inspirational premise.

Set in 2018, the Germans have been hiding out on the dark side of the moon since the end of WWII. But when a lunar expedition ordered by America’s Sarah Palin-like President (Stephanie Paul) as a PR exercise uncovers their Swastika-shaped base, the Nazis (led by Udo Kier and Götz Otto’s power-hungry commandant) have no choice but to launch an attack on Earth.

There are some nice sight gags – like the mad Nazi doctor dismissing a modern smart phone in favour of his ancient room-sized computer – and the Star Wars-influenced special effects impress, given the cut-price budget. But the satire on American imperialist policies falls flat, and the invasion plot is strictly B movie. Feeling like a missed opportunity, for once a Hollywood remake might be in order.

Selected release from 20 April.

Iron Sky Official Theatrical Trailer [HD]

Iron Sky

  • 2 stars
  • 2012
  • Finland, Germany, Australia
  • 1h 33min
  • 15
  • Directed by: Timo Vuorensola
  • Written by: Michael Kalesniko (screenplay), Timo Vuorensola (screenplay), Johanna Sinisalo (story), Jarmo Puskala (concept)
  • Cast: Julia Dietze, Christopher Kirby, Götz Otto, Peta Sergeant, Stephanie Paul, Udo Kier
  • UK release: 20 April 2012

Nazis on the moon! In Finland’s first blockbuster, a US lunar expedition discovers a hidden moonbase where Nazis have been hiding since the end of WW II. Shame that Vuorensola’s flat satire and B-movie plotting don’t live up to the inspired premise. For once, a Hollywood remake might be in order.

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