Fragile (2 stars)


(Lionsgate DVD rental/retail)


You wouldn’t think Calista Flockhart would be the first name on most casting directors’ wishlists for a creepy UK horror film. Do you really want Ally McBeal wandering round your carefully constructed haunted hospital? And, while you can never truly shake the kooky lawyer from your mind, Flockhart’s casting is far from the main problem in this passable horror. The spirit of the ‘mechanical girl’ prowls the children’s ward of a rundown hospital on the Isle of Wight, breaking bones and unsettling the patients and staff.

There is one moment that saves this from complete disaster: the initial reveal of the ghost is genuinely disturbing, but five minutes of creepiness and goosebumps does not a horror film make. Pointlessly slow exposition (a theme Jaume Balagueró continues from his last ponderous horror offering The Darkness), plot holes and dumb logic ensure the snores outweigh the screams. Extras include ‘making of’ doc.

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