The Hamiltons (3 stars)

The Hamiltons

(Lionsgate DVD rental/retail)


When you realise that The Hamiltons is helmed by directorial duo The Butcher Brothers (aka Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores) you realise you’re in for a gruesome treat. They’ve given the serial a subtle twist that turns it on its head, and for once their invention is not an ever-rising body count but giving depth and personality to their murderous protagonists.

After the death of their parents, elder brother David (Samuel Childs) is having trouble keeping the family together, especially the deviant Twins (Joseph McKelheer and Mackenzie Firgens). Despite the torture, bloodletting and multiple murders this is a coming of age drama told through the eyes of sensitive younger brother Francis (Cory Knauf). It’s micro-budget lets it down at times, there are a few wooden moments, but the heart and level of intrigue they have imbued in this twisted little offering leads to a punch with far more power that the bucket of guts most directors are content to throw at the screen. A great debut from future stars of the genre. Extras include deleted scenes.

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