Anchorman 2: 5 things we’d like to see

Anchorman 2: 5 things we’d like to see

In honour of the sequel's new teaser trailers, we speculate on what should be in the final film

UPDATE: The new, full-length trailer has just been launched - you can watch it below. As for our predictions... well, number 5 appears to have been somewhat on the money, right?

1 Champ’s struggle with his sexuality
Sports presenter Champ Kind (David Koechner) obviously had a thing for Ron (Will Ferrell) in the first film – he broke down when Ron started spending more time with Veronica than the news team, and was visibly upset when the couple were reunited at the end of the film. Having him come entirely out of the closet as a flaming homosexual could end up being cheap and/or tacky, so we reckon a bewildered internal struggle would work better.

2 Brian turns hippy
Paul Rudd’s turn in new age-baiting comedy Wanderlust was deeply disappointing, mainly due to his and Jennifer Aniston’s annoying yuppie protagonists. Brian Fantana, on the other hand, is ridiculous enough to mine that situation for comedy gold, especially if his relationship with animal-loving zookeeper Missi Pyle (who's already proved her own comedy chops in Dodgeball) has survived from the end of the first film.

3 Animation
Anchorman’s animated love sequence (set to Tom Jones’ ‘Help Yourself’ and featuring unicorns, pandas in fezzes and ‘the most glorious rainbow ever’) was a particular highlight – it came out of nowhere, and slayed audiences with its sheer bizarrity. Since then, other films have adopted a similar trick of deploying fantastical set-pieces – see Crank 2’s Godzilla-aping fight scene, or Harold and Kumar’s adventures in claymation – but we reckon Anchorman 2 could pull something special out of the bag. Given the choice, we'd vote for Yellow Submarine-style psychedelia.

4 Wes Mantooth and Brick team up
Were we the only ones who saw some alpha male envy in Brick’s (Steve Carrell) actions during the original Anchorman? Teaming up with the evening news team to laugh at his own compadres? Or attempting to steal Veronica’s (Christina Applegate) place at Ron’s side during their final zoo broadcast? We reckon Brick, in his own foolish way, will play a part in whatever conflict forms the basis of the sequel, most likely being rewarded for his buffoonish backstabbery with a co-anchor slot next to the triumphant Wes Mantooth (Vince Vaughn). Whose mother is a saint, we’ll have you know.

5 Race relations
What with institutional sexism having been dealt with in the first film, Ron & co need a new societal change to throw them out of whack. Anchorman’s almost entirely white cast could have been a product of the same type of ingrained discrimination that Veronica herself first railed against – how about a rival militant black news outlet to expose another side of the team’s inability to keep up with the times? We see Chris Rock as Ron’s lead antagonist, with Jamie Foxx squaring up to Brian Fantana and Samuel L Jackson getting a bit shouty with Champ Kind.

Anchorman 2 - Teaser Trailer #1

Anchorman 2 - Teaser Trailer #2

The Best of Brick Tamland

ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUES - Official Trailer - United Kingdom

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

  • 4 stars
  • 2013
  • US
  • 1h 59min
  • 15
  • Directed by: Adam McKay
  • Cast: Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd
  • UK release: 18 December 2013

Sequel to the 2004 comedy about San Diego newsreaders.