Pictorial film quiz

Pictorial film quiz

Some cryptic clues to popular films of 2012

If you picked up a copy of the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2012 Industry and Press Guide, you may have noticed four cryptic clues to film titles we provided on page 126. We've spelled out the clues a little more clearly below - to get the answers, simply click on the relevant links.


The word 'hut' is inside the word 'forest'. The hut in the forest? Why, it must be ...


Galahad was a knight of King Arthur's Round Table. Of the four Galahads in the picture, the darkest one is rising. That's right, it's ...


We bet you got this one - 3.14 is a shortened version of the number pi. A biography of 3.14 would most likely be titled ...


It's a black '3'. There are some dudes (or 'men') in it. There's only one thing it could possibly be ...

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