Chilling at T in the Park

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  • 25 June 2012
Chilling at T in the Park

You’ve been hit by as many rogue flying cups of (what you really hope is) beer as you can take for one day and need to escape the crowd …

Don’t hit the eject button just yet. There is more to T in the Park than the moshpit, and loads of other non-musical activities and events have been organised too.

Thursday-night campers can ease themselves into the weekend by taking in a film on the big screen. Last year’s movies included Back to the Future, Dirty Dancing and the T in the Park-based romantic comedy You Instead. This year’s programme has yet to be announced, but, if past movies are anything to go by, audiences can expect more old favourites and crowd pleasers.

At the Cabaret Club, you can watch burlesque performers such as Cat A Clysmic in action. This titillating treat gives you the opportunity to see some flesh that doesn’t belong to the sunburnt Hairy Biker look-a-like in the tent three doors down. If burlesque is not your thing, Edinburgh and Glasgow’s Stand Comedy Club will be in attendance, too. There’s also the playful musical comedy of Frisky and Mannish, whose hits include a dystopian reimagining of Busted’s ‘Year 3000’ (‘and your great great great granddaughter … didn’t make it’). In short, an act as funny as the revellers negotiating the mud like Bambi on his first night out.

For something more high-octane, festival-goers can head to the fairground. In addition to the usual ferris wheel, T in the Park has laid on a bungee ball that will propel you into the sky. Take in the sights of Kinross, briefly, before you hurtle back down towards the ground and begin to wonder if that last burger was really such a good idea. Old favourite the dodgems will be there too; a more sedate option if you and your friends fancy fitting in a bit of childhood regression in between gigs.

Speaking of which, all this raving can play havoc with a girl’s hair. Or nails. Luckily, for £27, the on-site Refresh complex can provide you with hair straighteners and , in case of real emergency, a nail bar. You can even revel in the unbridled luxury of a flushing toilet. Just think how smug you will be when you see everyone else coming out of the Portaloos with that haunted 1000-yard stare.

T in the Park

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