Sarajevo celebrates Balkan cinema

  • 20 August 2007

The 13th Sarajevo Film Festival kicked off this weekend, marking the biggest ever celebration of Balkan film. Ten films from Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Turkey, Slovenia and Macedonia are competing this year for the 25,000 euro Heart of Sarajevo Award. Film selector for the SFF, Elma Tataragic said this year’s festival would be showcasing films previously proposed as projects at the festival’s CineLink co-production market. She said: “We have finally fulfilled our dream – that authors propose and develop their projects at CineLink, find co-producers there, complete the films and show them at the festival.” Alongside Bosnia’s soul searching It’s Hard To Be Nice and Macedonain offering I Am From Titov Veles, some industry big names will also be presenting their work. Michael Moore will show his provocative SiCKO, French Oscar-winner Juliette Binoche will present the film Breaking and Entering and actor Steve Buscemi will present his film Interview. The jury will be chaired by British Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Irons.

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