Apocalypse archives: Screen Bandita

Apocalypse archives: Screen Bandita

Edinburgh film collective Screen Bandita name the films they'd save at the end of the world

1 Annie Hall

(Woody Allen, 1977)
Keaton is hip and heartwarming and she’s a Bandita for sure. The lobster scene, the Marshall McLuhan scene, “Jew eat? Not did you eat. Jew eat?” and Allen as a frustrated youngster in Brooklyn lamenting the expansion of the universe. Allen’s telling of the various stages of a relationship can never be watched too many times.’

2 L’Avventura

(Michelangelo Antonioni, 1960)
‘Our reason for choosing this film? Its leading lady: Monica Vitti. Vitti looking mysterious, Vitti looking sullen, Vitti laughing, Vitti stroking the rocks as she connects with the landscape. She is an antidote to Antonioni’s haunting, sometimes depressing view of human relationships.’

3 The Mirror

(Andrei Tarkovsky, 1975)
‘Rarely has there been an auteur so adept at capturing and distilling visually the manifestations inherent to the concept of the ephemeral “inner life”, and in his brooding landscapes, stillness and juxtaposition of colour and light there is an absolute poetic vision, vitality and breathtaking beauty.’

4 La Belle et la Bete

(Jean Cocteau, 1946)
‘So brilliantly does Cocteau embrace the medium of the moving image to retell the tale of Beauty and the Beast that we couldn’t resist this selection. Cocteau bewilders and bewitches with a perceptual overload of dreamlike sets, surrealist elements and mesmerising, luxurious storytelling.’

5 Glitterbug

(Derek Jarman, 1994)
Jarman is a Bandita inspiration. In a web of creativity that zig-zagged cinema, painting, garden design and the written word, he concocted intensely personal, uncompromising works. Glitterbug is an incandescent visual inventory of fragments that hangs adrift of time and place.’

Screen Bandita present Ritualised Frequencies, a night of 16mm film and live music, Church of the Sacred Heart, Lauriston Street, Edinburgh, Sat 21 Jul.

ANNIE HALL - Trailer ( 1977 )

Criterion Trailer 98: L'Avventura

Mirror / Zerkalo, Tarkovsky (trailer)

Criterion Trailer 6: Beauty and the Beast

Glitterbug Derek Jarman (1994)

Screen Bandita: Ritualised Frequencies

Screen Bandita presents an evening of films, music and visual art exploring rituals, sanctity and the construction of sacred spaces and ideas. Films projected in 16mm format include Maya Deren's Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti, and live accompaniment comes from Tattie Toes, William Bennett (Cut Hands/Whitehouse…

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